donderdag 10 augustus 2017

Serape crochet

My Love for Blankets

I just completed my Phoenix blanket, and I'm so so H A P P Y with it! 

I think everyone has a blanket laying on her/his couch, to wrap yourself on a cold wintersday, or on a late summer evening in your garden.

Well, let them be crocheted then! 🙏

Whilst sitting (crocheting) in my garden, I was wondering if I can make one myself.
I have several Serape's in my house, so that worked inspirational

So, I took my stash of Stylecraft Yarns, scrolled through my Pinterest, and came up with embroidered and loom patterns that I could use

These are the colors I used, hook 4,5

I started with ch 218, and used single stitches only.
If you do tapestry crochet,  you know you need to carry both colors for your patterns.
Not in the rows itself.
For tapestry (mochila) crochet you can find a lot of tutorials on youtube.

The colorscheme is all yours; offcourse you can use mine, but please make it your own 💛
I won't make a complete diagram for the colors. 

Well, are you ready? 

And then.....its up to you, you creative people :-)
The patterns off the snowcrystals, the little triangles and the phoenix are there. 

Have Fun! 

Did you also see my Mexican blanket on this blog? ⇦Just click the link 

Any Questions? Just ask




2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Karin, allereerst geweldig dat je dit patroon wil delen. Je deken ziet er geweldig uit!
    Ik heb er wel een vraag over. Wat bedoel met " not in the row itself". De kleur neem je toch mee in de toeren van de patronen? Hartelijke groet, Monica

  2. Hoi Monica, Dank je en graag gedaan. Ben benieuwd naar de jouwe. Ik bedoel inderdaad alleen dubbele draad bij de rijen met patroontje erin ;-)

    Zonnige dag, Karin